Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips' Year Long
Efforts to Obtain an Ethnicity Breakdown
of Louisiana Interior Designer Licensees


FEBRUARY 27, 2014

Jindal's IDB Members, especially Karen Hazel (wife of Louisiana State Rep. Chris Hazel)
and Marion Johnston, Lambast Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips regarding
his year-long effort to obtain an ethnicity breakdown of IDB practitioners.

At least Member Jo Ann Hymel had the class to relay that only two (2)
African American interior designers practice in Louisiana:  Ophelia Moore-Coates  (daughter of the late
Thomas Moore who, like Rev. Phillips, was also a Minister) and Ty Larkins.

IDB Vice Chair, Dr. T. L. Ritchie, however, is quick to point
out that neither Ms. Moore-Coates nor Mr. Larkins is licensed.
Hence, there are NO licensed African American interior designers in Louisiana!




OCTOBER 17, 2013


First 1:40 of video is Robert Burns asking on behalf of Rev. Phillips if the 2014 license renewals will seek
voluntary disclosure of ethnicity information.  Acting Chair Dr. T. L. Ritchie said she felt
she'd relayed previously that the vast majority of are female but that she didn't
specify a race.  Burns stated that he'd felt certain that she'd used the word "Caucasian." 

14-second clip from 6/20/13 meeting of Dr. Ritchie's statement.


June 20, 2013


Rev. Phillips continues his efforts to obtain an ethnicity breakdown


March 14, 2013


2:26:  Rev. Phillips makes inquiry regarding obtaining ethnicity breakdown.
3:07:  Executive Director Sandy Edmonds:  "IDB doesn't maintain records in that fashion."
3:23:  Board Member Karen Hazel:  "Why do you want that information?"
Note:  Hazel is wife of LA State Rep. Chris Hazel

Note:  Hazel's inquiry reminded Burns of this anonymous phone call.
Note:  Phone called received the DAY after this editorial was published in The Advocate.


August 11, 2011


Rev. Phillips politely and meekly seeks clarification at the IDB Meeting
the IDB's decision to retain EBRP Deputy Ronald Landry for IDB Meetings
immediately after Rev. Phillips began attending the meetings.



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