July 18, 2011


From the 0:45 - 1:37 mark, Ms. Sandy Edmonds, ID Executive Director, complains about the loss of the IDB's "luxury" of being able to conduct meetings (i.e. social gatherings) at restaurants due to Phillips & Burns' desires to videotape the meetings as permitted by LA R. S. 42:23.


August 11, 2011


 Rev. Freddie Phillips politely and meekly seeks clarification at the IDB meeting regarding the services of EBRP Deputy Landry


August 15, 2011


Joint letters from Robert Burns and Freddie Phillips requesting that the issue of IDB security for meetings be placed on the Oct. 20 IDB agenda and a FOIA for the past five (5) years' records of IDB having hired security for meetings.


August 24, 2011

Response from Sandy Edmonds saying "no records exist," and corresponding joint expansion of FOIA request by Robert Burns and Freddie Phillips.


September 2, 2011

Sandy Edmonds:  "WE inadvertently misread the dates.  Supplies requested information.  Sheriff gets $160/meeting.  No invoices prior to Robert Burns & Freddie Phillips attending meetings.


September 19, 2011


Rev. Phillips is questioned four (4) times by Attorney Anna Dow (who serves as attorney for the IDB) if he is carrying a weapon!!!!


October 6, 2011


IDB's Chairperson, Debra Steinmetz, issues joint letter to Robert Burns and Freddie Phillips indicating that their joint request of 8/15/11 (see above) regarding an agenda item being added to the 10/20/11 IDB meeting entailing the hiring of security as a result of their presence at IDB meetings has been denied with Ms. Steinmetz stating the item is not "germane" to IDB business.


July 2, 2012


Advocate Publishes This Editorial By Robert Burns Bluntly Stating that the IDB is a "Sham."


July 3, 2012


Robert Burns Receives This Mystery Call (Caller Blocked Identity) Regarding IDB Editorial Published the Previous Day.  You OWE IT TO YOURSELF to Hear This 50-second Audio Clip!!



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