Video Archive of IDB Meetings
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November 17, 2011 (agenda NOT posted to LaTrac website nor IDB website prior to meeting).  Minutes Available by CLICKING HERE.


August 11, 2011


4:45 - 5:45:   Rev. Freddie Phillips (one of two audience members with the other being friend Robert Burns) politely and meekly seeks clarification at the IDB meeting regarding the services of EBRP Deputy Landry (see 7/18/11 LALB video below). 

8:30 - 11:00:   Attorney Anna Dow discusses two cases of folk advertising ID services without proper licensure. 

 20:45 - 42:27:   Discussion and awarding of Dan Bouligny award (Bouligny was influential in establishing licensing law in Louisiana).  After 22:02 of the discussion, late-Board Member Robert King goes with the consensus that one of the two entries submitted "has a slightly better flow."  The extensive discussion of "contrasting styles" of the two projects provides strong evidence of just how much of a role ART plays in ID projects (which is why court cases entailing licensing imposing on first amendment free speech rights are being lost by regulatory bodies across the U. S.).  The winner was also commended for her prior achievements regarding the use of "water colors," as well as the current project's effective use of "water colors."


 July 18, 2011 (Louisiana Auctioneer
Licensing Board - LALB)

 0:45 - 6:12 Interior Design Board Executive Director
Sandy Edmonds explains that the Interior Design Board
has lost the "luxury" of meeting at restaurants due to
videotaping of meetings by Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips
and Robert Burns.  She also makes significant additional




February 25, 2011
(back then, you tube had a 15-minute limit, so
the meeting is broken up into six segments)


Part 1:

0:07 - 0:42:   Members express surprise at having visitors and being videotaped.

0:44 - 2:51:      LSU Students' "HSW videos."


Part 2:


11:45 - 14:57:      More "talking points" of what interior designers do. 


Part 3:


0:40 - 4:40:      More discussion of HSW and industry terms, etc. by Executive Director Sandy Edmonds and Vice Chairman Dr. T. L. Ritchie.


Part 4:


7:15 - 10:00:      CE to include "business, contracts, colors, and phycology of colors." 


Part 5: 


4:45 - 9:30:      Request for LEED GA discussion and presentation to fulfill CE. 

10:00 - 14:59:      Meeting with Louisiana State Fire Marshall's Office to explain what interior designers so.  ID practitioners
want the Fire Marshall to enforce the "ID Codes" and not just the Architectural Codes.  Few at the Fire Marshall's Office are indicated to
even know what ID practitioners do, much less any Codes to enforce.  Indications are the IDB plans to set up another meeting with the
State Fire Marshall's Office. 


Part 6: 

0:00 - 2:14:      Continuation of Louisiana State Fire Marshall Office meeting discussion.  



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