Video Archive of IDB Meetings
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December 18, 2012


No highlights.  It was THAT boring!!



June 14, 2012


4:15 - 4:22:     Chairman Steinmetz:  "I think part of the problem now is that the economy is so bad a lot of the recent [ID] graduates are not getting jobs."  [No, Chairman Steinmetz, when you attempt to ARTIFICIALLY inflate your income, the marketplace responds by NOT hiring you -- Economics 101!!].

7:00 - 9:10:     Executive Director Sandy Edmonds explains how IDB should "educate public" about need for licensure by discussing "hospital curtains."

9:15 - 9:50:     Board Member Carolyn Sawyer states the need for the IDB to use "cartoon drawings to convey the story we want to tell."

15:15 - 17:20:    Board Member Jo Ann Hymel echoes Board Member Sawyer's commentary about cartoon drawings to educate and shows one off.


April 26, 2012


4:45 - 10:45:     Executive Director Sandy Edmonds provides recap of Delgado Community College meeting regarding NCIDQ rules (and a 2018 sunset eligibility) and IDB determining of things such as whether "selling paint at Sherman Williams can count as experience to qualify for a license."

21:25 - 23:00:    Discussion of the use of the color pink in prisons to discourage inmates from returning to prison. 

47:00 - 51:45:     Home and Garden Show offers free booth to explain the need for a licensed interior designer (more cartoons!!).


January 26, 2012

0:30 - 9:50:     Chairman Steinmetz discusses magazine article contrasting interior designers and interior decorators with emphasis on "talking points."

9:50 - 13:15:   Chairman Steinmetz outlines meeting with LSU Executive Vice Chancellor and Dean of School of Art to explain why interior design licensure is so crucial and discussion of state budget cuts and its impact on the College of Interior Design at LSU.

36:00 - 49:20:     Vice Chairman Ritchie discusses politics and policy changes at NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification).  Board Member Carolyn Sawyer announces she has been selected as a "mentor."  Ritchie explains graduating seniors can sit for first part of NCIDQ exam and mentorship availability.   


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