FEBRUARY 27, 2014

Jindal's IDB Members oust a public member
 over the utterance of the words "November, 2011."

First, let's begin with a brief background.  Ms. Sandy Edmonds, IDB Executive Director and the one who gets so feisty in the early part of the above video, is the wife of an Interior Designer, Matthew Edmonds.  Mr. Edmonds and his partner, Tracy Burns (no relation to Robert Burns), own a commercial design firm in Baton Rouge, Commercial Design Interiors.

Mr. Edmonds and Ms. Burns also both teach Interior Design at LSU.  Here's a copy of their listing on LSU's College of Interior Design webpage:

Matthew Edmonds

Professional in Residence
(225) 578-8422

Tracy Burns

Professional in Residence
(225) 578-8422


With us, so far?  O. K.  Good.  Now, CLICK HERE for a tad more background.