Patti Morrow, President,

Interior Design Protection Council


Appears before Louisiana State Board
 of Interior Designers
and at Louisiana State Capitol
 to discuss abolishing Louisiana's
highly-restrictive licensing laws,


Receives $25,000 Unsung Hero
 award from Institute of
Justice for her fight against
 interior design licensing cartels,

Provides testimony before U. S.
 House of Representatives
and Connecticut State Legislature
regarding the economic harm
of interior design licensing laws.



February 26, 2015
Ms. Morrow discusses her visit to Baton Rouge, Louisiana
during the week of 2/23/15 - 2/27/15 and
her efforts to abolish existing interior design regulation
as well as block any new regulation from being enacted.


February 26, 2015
Ms. Morrow addresses the Louisiana State Board of Interior Designers.
Though her presentation was brief, Vice Chairman, Dr. T. L. Ritchie,
challenged Ms. Morrow on her statement that "only three states require interior
design licensure to practice."  Ms. Morrow prepared to defend
her statement, but Chairman Deborah Steinmetz shut off discussion
in stating:  "We need to stick to the agenda." 


February 26, 2015
LAPA Vice President Robert Burns introduces Ms. Morrow and
relays how much of a debt of gratitude is owed by interior designers
throughout the United States for her tireless efforts to enable them
to practice free of burdensome regulation such as that posed by Louisiana. 
CLICK HERE for the U. S. Supreme Court ruling Mr. Burns references.


February 26, 2015
LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips briefly addresses the Louisiana
Interior Design Board regarding providing community-based workshops for
at-risk youths to enhance employment opportunities for minorities as assistants
to interior designers in Louisiana.
CLICK HERE for Rev. Phillips' year-long effort to merely obtain an ethnic
breakdown of licensed Louisiana interior designers from
the Louisiana Interior Design Board.



December, 2014
Patti Morrow Receives Unsung Hero Award (with $25,000 check) from Institute for Justice
 for her tireless efforts to rid the nation of useless interior design licensing laws.


March 26, 2014

Ms. Morrow outlines the detrimental impact
of interior design licensing
(Video courtesy of SmallBizRepublicans)


Ms. Morrow's testimony to Connecticut Legislature opposing reinstating of interior design licensing


Ms. Morrow testified in opposition to reinstating interior design regulation in Connecticut after Judge Mark Kravitz ruled the previous regulation UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  In point # 4, Ms. Morrow boldly states that portraying grandfathered titled interior designers as possessing the same qualifications as newly-licensed ID professionals is "consumer fraud,"  thus inferring the Louisiana ID Board is perpetrating a "consumer fraud." 


Ms. Morrow itemizes an EXTENSIVE list of organizations OPPOSED to interior design regulation


Feel free to   CLICK HERE to visit Ms. Morrow's Interior Design Protection Council website.  

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