FEBRUARY 27, 2014

Concern is expressed over the LAO report; however, IDB Attorney
 Anna Dow, beginning  at the
0:34 mark of the above audio, merely
 indicates, "Gov. Jindal has gotten involved," and basically says
 don't worry about it.  Ms. Edmonds concludes the discussion
by saying "welcome to politics!"


When the Executive Director position for the IDB became vacant in 2007, did the IDB advertise and try and fill the position?  Of course not!


Through the Ritchie / Matthew Edmonds / LSU connections, Matthew's wife, Sandy, is offered the IDB position with some EXTREMELY accommodating work conditions to include:

1.  Working from home.

2.  No time sheet requirements.

3.  Work when and if a need arises and at all times otherwise freely "draw a check" for doing NOTHING!  Accordingly, Ms. Edmonds routinely reported being "on the clock" while engaging in such activities as shopping, relaxing at the beach, vacationing in Disneyworld, etc. 

In late 2010, this whole work setup became the subject of scrutiny by the Legislative Auditor's Office (LAO).  That scrutiny GREATLY intensified in mid November of 2011), with the end result being the LAO issuing this damning report on the whole payroll setup on February 29, 2012. 


Was there concern over the LAO report?  To answer that question, listen to the audio at the top of this page and read the caption below it.



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